Boeing is a large part of the 346 people who were killed in the recent air crashes with 737 MAX aircraft, each 144.500, the $ 131.500 euros) to pay. The money will be a temple of that $ 50 million will come in July, it was announced, for example, that the managers on Monday announced.

The CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, said in a statement that the company is still in its “deepest sympathy” expressed to the families and loved ones of the victims. “The opening of this fund, which is a significant step forward in our efforts for the affected families and to help them.”

you can Families to be able to have from now until december 31, 2019, an application for compensation. They are giving away is not their right, to Boeing, to the court. Nearly 100 lawsuits have already been filed against Boeing, the auto-vluchtcontrolesysteem defectively designed, it would have. The system would be in the front of the two crashed aircraft at the bottom is forced to have it.

“government should decide”.

After the two fatal accidents in Indonesia in October, Ethiopia in march, and are all 737 MAX 8 aircraft as of march, to the ground. Boeing hopes to soon get approval for the devices to be able to use it.

now, American aviation authority the FAA said on Monday that the national government will individually have to decide whether Boeing’s 737 MAX is once again allowed to fly, “is based on an in-depth analysis”.

The statement came after the FAA director, Steve Dickson, in Canda for more than half a luchtvaartfunctionarissen had met behind closed doors to the public. At that meeting, the global aviation community to be informed of the progress on the plane.

the certification of the 737 MAX, is an essential step before the unit is re-passengers. The FAA reiterated, however, that there’s no prescribed timeline, to the device for re-hire.

In the “next few weeks” will have a panel of technical security experts worldwide to create the findings and recommendations set out in the procedure for the 737 MAX, re-certify it.

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