Boeing-crashes with 346 deaths – US-MEPs criticise flight control sharp, even months after the crash of two Boeing-machines of the type 737 Max to take the examinations. Now the head of the US-FAA FAA had to respond to the allegations in the Congress.”Mr Dickson, I will make you responsible for this”: the head of the US aviation authority, FAA Steve Dickson, in his testimony in the US Congress.Keystone head of Dickson acknowledged the error, rejected the accusations of a wall tactics in the investigation and a “culture of secrecy” in the FAA, but decided. KEYSTONEAm 10. March 2019 was killed in an almost factory-new Boeing 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines. Also this time the machine crashed shortly after the Start. All the occupants died. KEYSTONE1 / 4

The refurbishment of two crashes of Boeing aircraft type 737 Max, at which 346 people were killed, continues. Also, the US aviation administration FAA is faced with allegations and stands in the centre of the investigation. Now your boss in the Congress had to testify.

the head of The US-aviation authority FAA, Steve Dickson, has after the devastating crash of two Boeing Jets of fierce accusations from members of Congress listen to. The authority have tried to obstruct the investigations for workup of the accidents with the intention of criticizing the leaders, Roger Wicker, the Republican party, at a Senate hearing on Wednesday (local time) in Washington. “Mr. Dickson, I will make you responsible for this,” said the Senator of the state of Mississippi and Chairman of the Committee on Commerce, science and transportation.

head admits error in a

authorities head of Dickson acknowledged the error, rejected the accusations of a wall tactics in the investigation and a “culture of secrecy” in the FAA, but decided. Both Boeing as well as the supervision because of the accidents in which a total of 346 people died, strong in the criticism.

Boeing is to be blamed, the 737 Max in the competition with Airbus rushed to the market and to have the security of being neglected. The FAA is accused of, you have suppressed at the time of certification, the eyes and the manufacturer around by the nose lead.

According to the FAA chief Dickson, the crash, the office only in August 2019 – months after the two Boeing – took on the authority of their Supervisory processes, in view of the criticism already on the test bench. The FAA have already begun to revise their mechanisms, and welcome recommendations from the policy.

No time limits for employees

Dickson stressed that the re-admission of the accident aircraft 737 Max, no periods for its employees. Boeing wants to bring the model, for the shortly after the second crash in March 2019 start prohibitions were imposed, like this summer, again in the operation.

Whether the certification of the 737 Max everything with the right things, approached, is the subject of various investigations. It is suspected that the FAA, Boeing has deceived and important information at the time of admission have been omitted.

Delicate internals, the ratio of the company, charged to the authority, at times so strong that the tensions were a reason for the firing of Ex-CEO Dennis Muilenburg in December. Boeing had to justify the controversial employee-Chats, in which it was said, among other things, the 737 Max: “This aircraft is designed by Clowns, which are in turn supervised by monkeys.”