After the discovery of a corpse of a woman in Darmstadt, Germany, has been issued on Friday an arrest warrant for the life of the companions of the victim. The 34-year-old man is in custody, a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office announced. The arrest warrant had been issued because of suspicion of manslaughter. The police had found the body parts of the 40-year-old woman on Thursday in an apartment in Darmstadt-Eberstadt.

According to the autopsy was on Friday that the woman came to a violent death. Your significant other had been the day before detained. According to prosecutors, the 34-year-old man is under arrest on suspicion. The Accused have denied the killing of the woman, the fragmentation of the body but given. The specific cause of death, it was out of determination tactical reasons, no information from the Prosecutor’s office.

motive is unclear

The suspects, a man lived with the woman in the apartment. He himself had informed the police the day before about the body parts in the apartment, further information he had not made, as it was called. For a motive, there is according to the Prosecutor, so far, no clues. Notes on a mental illness of the husband have not been fulfilled yet.

The police, after the discovery of the body parts of the interviews and examined the apartment to get clues to the cause of death. In addition, the officials made sure garbage cans. Only after a medical examination, a doubt was clear on Friday that it is the Remains of the 40-year-old resident of the apartment.