Gistel-Ghent –

in The city after the arrest of Alexander Dean, be extended by two months on suspicion of triple murder and in Moere and make a killing in Sint-Amandsberg. The 26-year-old suspect was subsequently linked with a plan to get out of the prison of Bruges, to escape from it.

On Tuesday night, July 25, 2017, Alexander Dean, to the home of 18-year-old ex-boyfriend Maïlys Descamps, in Moere. He brought his ex and her parents, with knife wounds to them. Alexander, D., escaped after the fact, and a day later in a grocery store in the city centre of Ostend, by chance, related.

in the mean time, has recently come to light that the accused will also be taken into account for the murder of a 39-year-old photographer. That was on Tuesday morning found dead in his house in Sint-Amandsberg. Maïlys was repeated for the user model. A few days after the arrest of well known Boys in the four murders. After the confession, it was the belgian’s dossier fairly quickly, at Bruges, are transferred.

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if you have a celcontrole found recently that there are geprutst it was on the side of the window. As a result of the incident, it was Alexander, D., and transferred to a strafcel. The defendant denies, however, insists that he has a plan to escape. According to the defense put up a cellmate of false statements on the matter.