What is Boca-River? Or better said, what does it mean? In Argentina, it is the expression of antagonism by Antonomasie. In addition to the commonly used formulas, the discord (tolerated as “dog and cat”), incompatibility (“water and Oil” to pour) or the absolute contrast (such as “day and night”) to describe this: “a Boca-River”. A variant that holds all the above together and you have a larger motor gives. This from the football resulting antinomy is used to any other cure to metaphor, from the clash of two political forces that are unwilling to bargain, right up to daily disputes in an ailing marriage. In the Negation, in turn, is a popular variant, a reconciliation, to propose, to seek a rapprochement or understanding, is not to say it then: “We are in a River-Boca.”

If Boca Juniors and River Plate will play against each other, then this imagined crosses the threshold to the Concrete, the realm of the Metaphorical falls into the Literal. Football is a game, clearly, and, therefore, a fiction. But we know that fictions sometimes a real intensity gain, which is larger than those of the reality itself. It is not true that you can see the world through two parts, with a smooth, surgical incision. Nevertheless, when Boca and River play, then that Makes the fiction work. Of course, there are supporters of other teams: It is hoped that you will take for one or the other party. Of course, there are players who have played for both teams: it is seen as a traitor. I don’t know, this betrayal had been forgiven.

the Fans and players say that there is between Boca and River, no friendly matches. And they emphasize it just as a friendship game, to the world, are not clear that they are as such view that you don’t “have it out in a friendly manner”. I fear what will happen, what you will say so, if you are playing a decisive game? And what will happen, what you will say when you play a final of the Copa de Libertadores de América, the most important game of the continent?