Water leaks in the Lötschberg – BLS wants to base tunnel is to secure this year After several water ingress in the Lötschberg base tunnel has explained, the operator BLS in a press conference, how the Problem will be solved. 4 Kommentare4Durch mud and water: The SBB-locomotive, the on the 6. February just a disaster escaped.Photo: PD

After several water ingress at one point of the Lötschberg base tunnel, the tunnel will take the operator BLS water and mud in a new cavern and out of the Tunnel route. The railway company hopes to be able to in the fall with construction to begin.

The BLS anticipates a construction period of multiple months and costs in the seven figure or low eight figures, such as Stefan Irngartinger, project Manager, Alptransit of the BLS on Tuesday said in front of the media.

The Eastern tube of the base tunnel has to be closed during the construction period. This means that the web is guided operating for several months in the single-track operation through the Western tube. The hourly passenger trains between the Valais and Bern want to get the BLS to maintain.

with a capacity of one thousand cubic meters

As we had reported on the damage in the area of unsealed exploration borehole. By natural events, the water flow had changed in a karst system above the Tunnel.

karst systems are unpredictable, stressed Irngartinger. Therefore, we have decided not to backfill the borehole and the water from the karst system. So you can avoid that somewhere uncontrolled water pressure build up, the pressure acting on the tunnel construction.

The malicious site, according to Irngartinger locally and not to defects in the waterproofing system of the tunnel due to the. The damage occurred where water from the well-known karst system in focus, and is derived. According to Irngartinger this is done via two hoses behind the tunnel wall. These hoses must be caused by the high water pressure is a leak.

< p > shower in the mountain: The image shows how the water pushes in the Lötschberg base tunnel.Photo: PD

with the resulting water pressure, the sealing has been damaged foil, so that water and mud could enter the Tunnel. Water and mud are collected since the first intrusion of water into temporary settling basins and from the Tunnel is directed.

a cavern is to be created on the East side of the East tunnel should Definitely remedy the situation now. You should have at least a capacity of a thousand cubic meters, as Irngartinger said. Made the cost of the project Manager, Alptransit BLS no concrete information. Irngartinger said it was a good seven-digit to a low eight-digit sum.

On 9. February 2020 were escaped, the passengers of an Intercity almost a disaster, as the train made by the sometimes up to 30 centimeters deep in the muddy water and the tracks to the Terminus in the Brig.

rails under water: Up to 30 inches high, the water level in the lötschberg tunnel.Photo: PD


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