“Black Lives Matter” – of thousands in Switzerland, kneel for George FloydIn several Swiss cities on Saturday, thousands of people took to the street to demonstrate against racism. 68 Kommentare68″Black Lives Matter”demonstrations in Switzerland – mostly peaceful.Video: Tamedia

In many Swiss towns and cities on Saturday as demonstrations against racism. Again, thousands of people took to the street to Express their opinions, most of the time this happened peacefully. Protests were held in Zürich, Bern, Luzern and St. Gallen.

In Zurich demonstrated about 10’000 people, the city police said on request of the news Agency Keystone-SDA. The predominantly young participants marched with the blessing of the police across the city centre. Almost without exception, black-clad protesters sampled in the field prior to 14 clock on the six-ringing place. They were holding signs in the height with inscriptions such as “White silence is violence” or “Black lives matter”.

The police urged the audience several times-friendly, to waive the “event”. This was prohibited by the Covid-regulation of the Federal Council. The police expressed at the same time understanding for the concerns of the demonstrators. Against 14.15 PM, the police relented then. The Demonstration would be tolerated, provided they remain peaceful. For the parade Route had been staked out and secured.

Anti-racism Demonstration in Switzerland.Photo: keystone, also in St. Gallen, Switzerland, many went to the streets to protest against racism.Keystone SDANiederknien for George Floyd in Zurich.Photo: Keystone1 / 6

The black-clad cortege moved then chanting over the Quai bridge at the Bürkliplatz and the Bahnhofstrasse. Against 15 clock, the demonstrators reached the parade square and moved on.

riots in Zürich

The move was peaceful, like a Reporter from the Keystone-SDA site could observe. Your concern did the largest part of participants are white, however, strongly manifest. Several of the demonstrators knelt down, the police caused death of the African-American George Floyd, on 25. To remind, in may in Minneapolis.

On the edge of the Demonstration, it later came to riots against the police. Police officers were objects thrown at me. Subsequently, a number of people were arrested, the city police tweeted Zurich. The incidents occurred at around 16 o’clock on the stadelhofer place. According to city police, the author of people of the left-Autonomous scene, which had participated in the Demonstration, but has nothing to do with the organization were.

tolerance in Berne

In Bern is estimated to have participated in 4000 people in the Federal space at an unauthorised rally against racism. The police had to grant in spite of the ban of gatherings of more than 300 people, the participants.

The most visitors followed by a call to the organizers and appeared dressed in black to the rally. Again and again Black is chant “lives matter”, so “the life of the Black count”. Many rally participants wore masks. To see signs such as “ignorance goods is a Virus” and “We all bleed the same blood”.

The rally participants were also from the Thunderstorms don’t deter the reached around 15.30 at the Federal court. As the last of the speeches were over, played the organizers to dance music, and those who had not fled before the rain started. Also in the area of Federal square, it came in from the rain-protected places – to-party-like scenes. Because of the rally it came to diversions in public transport.

On request, said Isabelle Wüthrich of the media office of the Bern cantonal police, the authorities of the city of Bern and the police had jointly decided to tolerate the rally. The rally to dissolve would have meant the risk of riots. Also the risk of infections would have been higher. Not for holding it.

racism in Switzerland

In Lucerne, demonstrated in the afternoon, several Hundred people for the Overcoming of racism. With these, it’ll give not only in the United States, but also in Switzerland. The authorised rally, led from the station through the Neustadt, for Helvetiagärtli and again.

Here are the police allowed due to the Corona-measures a maximum of 300 persons. The participants had to leave the meeting of the organizers with your contact information and have been counted. Many joined but also free the move. Most of the rally participants were women, and participants young, dressed in black and with a mask equipped. The rally was criticized that racism is tolerated too often and not talked about. He was in the everyday present.

In St. Gallen were received according to the city police St. Gallen, about 1100 people on the street. The mostly young, participated in protests, participants gathered in the early afternoon on the bear course. A young dark-skinned woman read the last sentences of Floyd’s, which are recorded on Video. The peaceful March moved through the city and gathered in Kantipark.

In Lausanne were approximately 1000 persons in an approved rally on the road. In Geneva, it was on Tuesday, on the day of the funeral, Floyd’s, 10’000 have been.

in accordance with the requirements of the Federal government against the spread of the Coronavirus only rallies with up to 300 people are allowed. It is the second week in Switzerland in a row with rallies against police violence and racism.

Already, on the last weekend in Switzerland, thousands of anti-racism demonstrates.


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