Black Lives Matter, and women strike May be used to demonstrate, in spite of Corona?Thousands protested against racism and discrimination. Here, at the risk of the infection with the Virus. This gives your protests, a high level of credibility.Opinion Andreas Tobler11 Kommentare11″racism is a pandemic”: the Black-Lives-Matter-Demo in Zürich on 13. June 2020. Photo: Samuel Schalch

the “Black Lives Matter”, “If the woman wants to, everything is still”, “Viva la Vulva” for Switzerland, and last weekend was interspersed with political Hotspots. Thousands took to the streets. And this, although there is still a ban for meetings with more than 300 people – for the purpose of containment of Coronavirus.

The police let the demonstrators largely in peace. And in the meantime, hear, even from the ranks of the law enforcers agree that it is “highly pleasing” to find that the people banned despite Meeting on the street and that is where their fundamental rights.

However, the question of whether we should approve of these demonstrations, despite the risk of infection actually arises. And if so, why. Because in the end, we keep us always to the protection concepts and the Assembly of the prohibitions. And most of us were decided against the onslaught of the opponents and conspiracy mystics who demonstrated in the first half of may in Berne and Zurich against the protective measures of the Federal government.

In Basel were Demo-participating

fined Since the first half of may has eased the Situation, but it is strong: The number of new infections has fallen dramatically, the Federal government could relax its measures. However, mass events are prohibited. And, therefore, the Basel police had to resolve the legal possibility for a woman to strike-Demo with 500 Participants: After an appropriate prompt, the Johanniter bridge, ten minutes to leave, had to specify all your personal details and a hundred francs to pay, had defied the police to resist.

Right, now some say it is not acceptable, Demos, solidarity and equality hold, if the Virus spreads again and members of the risk group may be at risk. Add to this the example of Spain: There, the left government is accused of, with the authorization of a Demonstration for women’s day of 8. In March, the 120’000 people took part, so something like a Super-Ischgl possible, and thus the health of Thousands at risk has been primarily from women.

the protesters, the risk of the matter?

The Situation of Spain in front of more than three months is not comparable with that of the Switzerland of today. In Zurich, the police had to grant rallies for reasons of proportionality. And because it’s sensitive, ultimately, it is likely impossible, without the use of violence, a mass rally with over 10’000 people resolve to demonstrate against racism and police violence. The police will probably consider in the future in the case of demonstrations, the proportionality and – as in Basel – the accusation of arbitrariness and political partisanship are to suspend.

The main responsibility is currently at the Demo Participants: there Should be evidence that the number of infections is rising due to the rallies on the weekend, you will need to let the accusations. Because even if some of them were wearing a mask (more than half?) and the Bulk of the protesters tend to be young, so itself is not the risk group, the Demonstrators in purchase that you plug in the rallies with the Virus and it can transmit.

The Corona-crisis has shown us that the vast majority of people are highly reasonable.

But in the meantime, the risk of contagion in Switzerland seems to be not too high, especially in the fresh air. And that is exactly the point, which justifies the demonstrations, ultimately, credible, and urgent makes: discrimination against women and racism are the Demo Participants, obviously, so important a concern that you received for a calculated, probably not-too-high-risk – to make use of the Momentum created by the assassination of George Floyd and the anniversary of the woman’s strikes.

of Course, one can speculate as to whether it went all Participating on the deal or whether among them there were also some who used the Demos for it, time to break out and make a little Party. But this is wrong: it is Precisely the Corona-crisis has shown us that all are most of the people in our country is highly reasonable, and to waive, if it is absolutely necessary. At the weekend the need was obviously different: The people wanted to protest, they had to go on the road, because it went on for you to conditions that you do not want to accept.

We should not talk about the protests so small with reference to the Virus and possible contradictions. If so many people put themselves above the law, we should take them seriously – and to remedy the situation try in the sense of a positive change, bringing racism and discrimination to Disappear. Everything else is an unnecessary distraction from a concern for the thousands despite the risk of on the road went.

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