The last discounts before Christmas. Coming straight from the United States, Black Friday no longer has to prove itself in France, since it allows many consumers to make good deals, for themselves or for their loved ones. According to an OpinionWay survey for Bonial*, 28% of French people intend to make purchases during Black Friday 2022, which will start on Friday November 25th. They are even 24% to wait for this day of promotions to buy their Christmas gifts.

On average, according to the study, the French who will take advantage of Black Friday want to spend 398 euros, an increase of 100 euros this year, compared to November 2021. In detail, here are the price ranges envisaged.

There are of course disparities between men and women, as well as between the inhabitants of Ile-de-France and those of the provinces. If Ile-de-France residents have an average budget of 625 euros, those of other French people are 344 euros and even go down to 272 euros in towns with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants. While men will spend an average of 492 euros, women will not exceed 330 euros.

If the French are ready to spend, they still expect significant discounts, notes the OpinionWay study for Bonial. According to respondents, an interesting promotion is on average at 44% of the initial price, but differs by product category. Discounts on household appliances must be the most attractive for respondents, since they expect a 43% reduction in the price on these devices.

The French are therefore ready to take advantage of Black Friday, but to buy what exactly? Clothes, household appliances, telephones… What products will they set their sights on? Find out below, according to the results of the OpinionWay survey for Bonial.

*Sample of 1,036 people representative of the French population, interviewed by self-administered online questionnaire, from November 2 to 3, 2022.