Markie is best remembered for his hit song “Just a Friend”.

Biz Markie, a hip-hop artist best known for “Just a Friend”, has died at the 57th anniversary of his death.

Jenni Izumi, his representative, confirmed the news to Fox News.

She released a statement saying that “Hip Hop pioneer Biz Markie peacefully died this evening” We are grateful for all the support and prayers we received throughout this difficult time.

She said, “Biz created an artistry legacy that will forever be remembered by his industry peers as well as his loved fans whose lives were touched through music over the past 35 years. His wife, his many close family members, and friends will be without him. They will also miss his lively personality, jokes, and banter. As they grieve their loved one, we respectfully ask for privacy.

TMZ reports that died from complications due to diabetes after a long battle.

The outlet reports Markie, a Marcel Theo Hall-born, has died at a Baltimore hospital shortly before 6:30 p.m., local time.

Last summer, the rapper spent several weeks in hospital. Reps at the time told the outlet that the rapper was being treated for a serious condition, but not coronavirus.

It was later reported that Markie’s Type II Diabetes was the trigger for the hospitalization.

Although his condition was unknown at the time, rumors ran rampant, with some suggesting that he fell into a state of coma. Others suggested that this was not the case.

Rumours about his death circulated earlier in the month, but a rep refuted them to Rolling Stone.

The rep said that “The news about Biz Markie’s death is false.” “Biz is still receiving medical care and is surrounded by professionals who work hard to provide the best possible healthcare.”

Markie is best known for his 1989 single, “Just a Friend”, which was released on an EP with the same name. This song was not only famous for its own sake, but it has also become a popular soundtrack to television and film. It appears in many TV shows such as “Friends with Benefits”, “Empire,” and others.

“Just a friend” was certified platinum in 1990. VH1 hailed it as one of 2000’s greatest one-hit wonders and one of 2008’s greatest hip-hop songs.

Born in Harlem, 1964, Markie grew-up on Long Island and began performing beatboxing as a member Marley Marl’s Juice Crew.