Biting and banderilleros are manifested on Tuesday in front of the Ministry of Labour


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members of the Union of Picks and Banderilleros in Spain (UNPBE) will concentrate this Tuesday from twelve noon to the Ministry of Labour in protest at the that considered “discriminatory treatment” in the distribution of the SEPE of the exceptional aid to the artists on show to the public for the crisis of the Covid-19.

The concentration of tomorrow will be the first of three consecutive, authorized by the Government Delegation in Madrid, which will be repeated on Wednesday and Thursday, to attract the attention of the minister Yolanda Diaz , a time that all the requests of the professionals in the bullfighting arena in this regard have been rejected by the State Employment Service.

The UNPBE accuses this service does not recognize, “by a political decision”, to biting and banderilleros in that category, despite the fact that they are considered as such since the royal decree of 1 August 1985, as you will recall in the manifesto that will be read at the concentration of morning.

From the majority union has been encouraged across the sector taurine -professionals, entrepreneurs and fans – to participate in the concentrations to prove to the Government that “you can’t discriminate against or to the toreros or the Feast of the bulls and that we are not going to allow any tort more”.