The ceremony for the eighteenth birthday of the princess Elizabeth wed night and will be broadcast live on national television. In Flanders, this is the time to be both One, as the VTM is an integral is to follow. As a direct report in a one-time “royal event” is usually reserved for weddings and funerals.

in A speech given by her father king Philip. Congratulations to her, but also for the country and the world, ruled by five good friends. The performances of Songfestivalzangeres Blanche, and the Royal ballet school of Antwerp, belgium. The princess Elizabeth will take place on Friday, the same day that she is 18 and is honored at a special ceremony.

The celebrations at the Royal Palace in Brussels, by invitation only, to attend. Eighty young people, who, just as they reached the age of majority this year, will be given a place in the Throne room. Just like your family, friends, and former teachers, as well as by politicians and other dignitaries.

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However, you can also use the “normal Belgian” for the ceremony, right. On television, of course, so it has been on our editorial board heard from a reliable source. The VRT and VTM, with the official opening ceremony, which is at 11 am and a pm will take to the live broadcast. We will see the commercial broadcaster, is already half an hour past to an antenna with a pre-game. In the French-speaking part of Belgium will also send télévision belge francophone (RTBF and RTL-TVi directly.

that is Ready for the throne.

the national television channels, to work together for the production, and immediately says something about the position of the Bike. An eighteenth birthday is an important milestone in the life of a young person. However, in the case of a troonopvolgster, there is an additional dimension, since they are from the throne, you can climb up. At least In theory.

Normally, it is a live broadcast of a one-time royal event in Belgium, we hold the annual parade on the national holiday are excluded – that is reserved for weddings and funerals. The last time was for the funeral of queen Fabiola in december, 2014.

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