In 2017, they won, as bosom friends, < / I> of My pop-uprestaurant on tv, with their barbecuezaak Tjops, now, Birger Allary, and Charles Knockaert across from each other in the court of law. In the Ondernemingsrechtbank to fight, they have a thing about the brand name and the logo of their barbecueconcept.

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Since last summer, the two are no longer together and Birger runs his grillacademie, Charles is going to continue on with the food. But on the financial side of the story is to get them to break. Yesterday, responded to Birger for the first time in the process. “It is true that Charlemagne sent to the court has been stepped up, and that I am sorry. I wanted it to be mutual, but in spite of our many years of friendship didn’t work out. And that to me is more than just a little bit of sadness.”

the content of the conflict and is silent Birger yet, as the trial has only just begun. “You know, I think that we are, without the intervention of a court, this section can be shut down. I would like to once again focus on the new bbq-based projects. My Tjop’s Grill Academy, Ruislé is still spinning at full speed. I still, in spite of the harsh language of the emperor Charles, is proud of what we have achieved together in the but in My pop-uprestaurant . A round of mirth and mayhem, I do not have to wait for that.”
My Pop-uprestaurant Fight between the winners of the “My-Pop-uprestaurant’ Charles and Birger, to name of ‘Tjops’ Miette, and William of” My pop-uprestaurant open a new tacozaak to take the Job, and Her out of My pop-uprestaurant these are in the south, and share the good news, Two years ago, she took part in My Pop-up, but now everything has changed. We caught up with Miette