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The “Bionic Elk” armed by Jose Angel Quintero of the fleet of the Club de Mar San Amaro in a Coruña, found on the front of the fleet that started at five in the afternoon of Friday, from the very maritime center herculino, in front of the famous Cantons: the Trophy Finisterre.

the competition Is high with its 120 miles of the Racing Sea of Maeloc organized by the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña and Vigo, which is the second act of the series of the most classic races of cruises of Galicia, which will conclude the Saturday to come with the completion of the Race Rías Baixas.

Winds of 10 knots from the north, who came at times to the 12… accompanied the fleet in the early stages. The output was of a great artistic beauty, as the environment of the once known as the “City of Glass”, was added the colorful spinnakers of the fleet.

I only start taking the control the giant “Bionic Elk” which is the second ship in length, after the Vallicelli 65 Astriz Sands of the Real Cub Nàutico of Portosin. Very close to the boat of Jose Angel Quintero was the J108 of Jorge Etchverría “Bodegas Benito Santos” that I had to do to overcome first to the J80 “3D Printing Atlantic” William White and the “Bastiagueiro” of José Ramón Galdo, both of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña… and later approach the “Bosch Service Solutions” that patronea Chuny Bermudez de Castro and competing for the club from vigo Club Marítimo de Canido.

More ago it was in those first moments the “Eleko-Mambo” with the vigo Carlos Sampedro cane and a coruña Candid Losada in bath… the reason why problems with your maneuver. Very good output of “Mascato” Enrique Vilariño, which is still in a great shape… as well as the “Cacaco” of Caco Vilariño.

Further back, but up positions little by little the boat most of the fleet, the “Good Red Wine” which was still picking up great speed, on the basis of their length and sail area.

At the edge of seven in the evening, the head of the race remained in the possession of “Bionick Elk”, who had managed to get out of the area of little wind, sailing towards the north as the rest of the fleet. It was sailing to close to seven knots of speed when it was through out Cocinadoiro… to something more than 4 miles to the north.

After the ship in la coruña, was the “Bodegas Benito Santos” with a speed of 4 knots… very close to him, “Bosch Service Soltutions” of Chuny Bermúdez with more speed to 5.5; being the fourth the “Eleko-Mambo” to 3.3, and finally I was really stopped without just move the 65 feet of Portosón… sailing very close to the tail of the fleet in real, in which also were the J80 of Guillermo Blanco and José Ramón Galdo.

With these data, and the predictable braking early morning as the wind is concerned, the participants should begin to arrive to the facilities of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo along the Saturday morning. For the time domain in real “Bionic Elk”, and in offset of the “Bosch Service Solutions”.

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