women will be able to inform about possibilities for a termination of pregnancy. This provides a draft, on the the Federal government advertising after years of disputes, the so-called ban on abortions has agreed. He is the German press Agency.

The advertising ban itself remains in place, therefore, the Clause 219a is but supplements. Physicians and hospitals may be publicly accordingly – for example, on the own website – inform you that you perform abortions. You should at the same time allowed for more information neutral Provide clues about Links in your Internet site.

health insurance pay for the pill

The Federal chamber of physicians will also keep a Central list of Doctors, hospitals and other facilities, the crashes. The list should contain information on methods used, updated on a monthly basis and from the Federal centre for health education published on the Internet.

in addition, young women 22, the contraceptive pill, in the future, two years longer, until the. Birthday, from the insurance paid to get. The help young women to avoid unwanted pregnancies, said the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). “I think that in the context of the found compromise is a good addition.”