Cosby has served over two Decades of the three-to-10-year prison sentence for sexual assault

Bill Cosby was denied parole and won’t be granted a discharge from his article SCI — Phoenix at Pennsylvania.

The disgraced actor and comic had a parole hearing on May 11 and the Pennsylvania parole board determined that Cosby hadn’t yet fulfilled the requirements which justified a discharge from prison.

The board decided that Cosby failed to”create a parole release plan” and desires to”engage in and complete additional institutional applications”

In addition, he obtained a”negative recommendation made by the division of corrections” and at his second parole hearing, the board will review and think about whether he’s”successfully engaged in/successfully finished a treatment program for sex criminals and violence prevention.”

Cosby must also get a”positive recommendation for parole in the department of corrections and the board will ascertain whether he’s”maintained a very clear behavior record” for the whole period of his incarceration.

Reps for Cosby said in a statement obtained by Fox News on Thursday that information his parole was”denied” from the Pennsylvania State Parole Board is”a surprise to Mr. Cosbyhis loved ones, his friends or his legal team”

“Mr. Cosby has proclaimed his innocence and continues to deny all of the allegations made against himas being untrue, with no utter evidence of any evidence,” the announcement added. “Now, Mr. Cosby has been stay optimistic that the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court will issue a comment to vacate his conviction warrant him a new trial”

The funnyman was accused of sexual assault by dozens of girls, and he had been recognized as a sexually violent predator with his trial .

Cosby has been convicted at 2018 of attacking Constand at Philadelphia in 2004 and was also accused of drugging the victim, in addition to other ladies.