The popular hamburgermerk Bicky Burger and get a severe criticism on social media after, it is an advertising image showing a man and a woman to save, share and had. “Degoutant”, write the number of people. The company says it’s not misogynistic to have one.

“Fake, bicky fwa?”, “says the man in the picture, and while he has a wife, and a slap in the face, it gives. It is a campaign to make it clear that it is a real Bicky Burger, in a green box and not a white like in the picture, this is the case.


There was immediately a lot of criticism. Male and female users of Facebook to call it the “degoutant”, “violent” and “misogynistic”. “That is disgusting, platvloerse, low-cost campaign. A Bicky food is, apparently, equivalent to the domestic violence or to give you, they do it right,” said someone else.

Also, other users are asking. “Ever been the victim of domestic violence,” said one. “This is disgusting. I’m going for the fake, Bicky.”


There are also frituristen to react. Not in the picture, but the buzz around the white boxes. “I’ve been three times, without the sat,” says one. “We’re selling are the real Bicky’s, but it is not always within the official cases.”

the Director, Bieke Purnelle, from the research centre for gender and feminism (s), the RoSa non-profit organisation, the campaign will not be able to. “How can it be that marketers are in the year 2019 at the latest, on the idea that it is a minimum, and even promotion of violence in intimate partnership is a fresh and wise, a crucial marketing idea conceived out of?”, she says that in the VTM the News. “Downright embarrassing.”

now, on To our support team responds Bicky on the next election. “We are committed to vrouwengeweld does not promote and endorse at the highest finish,” says Bicky-senior channel manager, Tom Stevens. “Any kind of violence for that matter. It is, therefore, not be the focus of the post. The lens is located at a different site. In the context of the brand, the target audience and media channel, the goal is to get you to tell, that is a false Bicky’s to sell or buy, and not done.”

this is not the first time that the Bicky Burger in the time to come. The company has won in 2016, from an advertisement with a hint of alzheimer. “For half an hour and a Bicky can eat it without feeling guilty, however, the one advantage was it was written. And even then, with a great deal of criticism as a result.