In snow driving from Oberhof has missed Olympic champion Arnd Peiffer, the victory of 15.1 seconds, the Biathlon-womens a terrific race to catch up was achieved without Laura Dahlmeier. With great performances in both the pursuit of the German biathletes have on Saturday, the hopes for a Grand final of the world Cup race on Sunday in the Thuringian forest-fed.

After his strong showing Peiffer of the of 22,500 spectators, was celebrated with a standing ovation. “I’m glad to have in this setting, a good result is achieved. This is simply a great experience here,“ said the 31-Year-old in the ZDF. With the seventh world Cup victory in the tenth race of the season world Cup leader, Johannes Thingnes Bö showed once again his class. The Norwegians prevailed despite three penalty laps, in front of Peiffer (1 error) and the Italians Lukas Hofer, the error remained.

“I must participate for the tenth Time here, it is so beautiful, you never get used to it. It wipes you out of the noise of the crowd,“ said Peiffer after his Biathlon Gala. Sprint world champion Benedikt Doll completed as the Seventh of the good German team result. Just as John Bold (#31) had the black forest four times in the penalty round. “I’m satisfied,” said Doll. The former world champion Erik Lesser waived just before the Start “for personal reasons” on a bet, the mass start world champion Simon Schempp had not qualified to a weak Sprint in the first place for the hunt race.