winner, you can’t pick. But this one was beautiful. Finally, Alexander Loginov has an infamous past as Epo-sinner, what has cost him two years of lock; in addition, the Russian is on the list of those against which the Central office of the public Prosecutor for the prosecution of economic crime and corruption in Vienna met due to use of prohibited substances or methods for the purpose of doping is determined. He has to get in December at the world Cup in Hochfilzen in writing. And many a competitor would be locked out of the 26-year-old St ski hunter dear life, than to run him in the Biathlon circus is constantly on the way.

Claus Dieterle

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

And now Loginov on Friday wins in front of 12300 spectators in Oberhof without a shooting error in the Sprint and proposes in the light snow even an industry leader, Johannes Thingnes Bö, make a ticket. And neither the Swede Sebastian Samuelsson on rank three in the German Benedikt Doll and Arnd Peiffer on the squares behind it, can prevent these shells Triumph of the loaded Russians.

the distance to the Russians

The want to no longer have to think about the past. “I just want to run,” he says. Loginov has set, after four podiums and his first world Cup victory on rank two in the overall world Cup is fixed and running now so fast that even the Norwegian run-of-miracle gust lost on the selective course at the Oberhofer border eagles in the last round against the Russians. You might think, the world Cup leader had seen no Chance of winning the race and the pace a little. But after all the persecution, is this Saturday on the program depends on Sprint still, and since every second counts residue. “No, I went as fast as I could, but I was not fast enough,” says gust at the press conference, and Loginov, sitting next to him is a tribute, none look. You can literally feel the distance to the Russians, the most in a defensive stance.

Samuelsson, has taken on the other side of the square, preserves the distance. The handshake at the award ceremony Loginov has refused but none. Also, Peiffer. Although the low axis of the offence Epo abuse was very critical: “I am in favour of people no longer start, but the regulations will not give up. So the presumption of innocence applies to me. What should I do?“

Also Erik Lesser, who is one of the speakers of four Athletes, first of all, a personal site, which employs him for a long time: “I’m glad that the back has held up,” says the local hero, and grants, given the training backlog, and court 17 Frank, “that I have today-running one on the nut”. But of course, the Causa Loginov employs him. Where he sees the matter more pragmatically: “He got the maximum sentence of two years that he has served. Now he is back again. If there is no positive Doping test comes in the next time, we need to take it in stride. Whether we respect him now on the track, that is something else.“

Bitter taste

this is asked Loginov: If he had to fight with the colleagues because of his past and ongoing investigations to respect. He answered a bit evasively. “I’ll explain and answer all the questions face-to-face, if one comes to me.” To do this, no one felt obviously great pleasure.