BFU want advanced helmet-compulsory – So many E-Bike-accidents such as low E-Bike Boom is continuing unabated in Switzerland. This also leads to more accidents. In the last year, the number of serious injuries reached a new high.15 Kommentare15Im last year, eleven people died in an accident with an E-Bike: A cyclist rides on a bike path.Photo: Roland Weihrauch/Keystone

E-Bikes are still very popular, this also leads to more accidents. In the past year, 355 persons injured-heavy E-Bike-accidents – a new all-time high. Eleven people lost their lives.

More than half of the serious injuries going back to an auto accident, such as the Advisory centre for accident prevention (BFU) on Tuesday announced. Half of all serious collisions caused by other road users. E-Bikes are often overlooked or too late. The E-Bike Boom was still unbroken, and still more are sold every year-Bikes, it means more.

Three-fifths of the severe injuries happen in the case of spin – or even two-fifths of accidents in case of collisions. The Accident reports of the police, according to the BFU, that of these collisions, only one third of the Person on the E-Bike is causing. More than half (55 percent) is another Person involved alone for the collision is responsible. In the remaining cases, both partly to blame.

The most common reason for a collision, the disregard of the Vortritts was. The collision opponent would take the E-bikers, more likely to go first than Vice versa.

Defensively and with foresight

Other road users have sometimes trouble with the speed of E-Bikes to properly assess. This is because an E-Bike is hardly to be distinguished from a conventional Bicycle. In addition, other traffic participants overlooked the end, according to BFU, E-Bikes often or use too late. This Problem also exists in the other two cyclists.

This can reduce the risk of accident by arithmetic at any time, with errors of other traffic participants and on the defensive and anticipatory driving. Due to the higher speeds on the E-Bike less time to react to the Unexpected, the braking distance is longer.

Better visibility will help to prevent accidents: The BFU recommends that even in the daytime use of lights and Wearing a fluorescent vest. The BFU is also of the fact that even on ‘slow’ E-Bikes (pedal Assistance up to 25 km/h) a Velohelm Insurance is introduced. On fast E-Bikes (pedal Assistance up to 45 km/h) the helmet is already mandatory.

The safety of E-Bike riders and E-Bike riders hang out, but also on other aspects. The BFU points to a variety of effective measures, for example, a comprehensive road network planning in favour of the Bicycle and E-Bike-traffic, low speed limits on roads in urban areas and the Review of standards in terms of their E-Bike suitability.

(SDA /aru)

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