Because of the lower Corona-Pay – Berset wants the extraordinary position to finish in mid-June, the highest state of siege should come to an end. The health Minister Alain Berset requested in addition to the further easing steps.Fabian Fellmann65 Kommentare65Der Federal Council will decide on Wednesday, several relaxations dam: Alain Berset in front of the Federal Palace in Bern.Photo: Peter Klaunzer (Keystone)

Now, After the cantons had asked for on Monday, the Federal government should take from the highest emergency legislation stage farewell, the SP Federal councillor Alain Berset in the morning Wednesday in the Bundesrat exactly this step in the discussion. According to information this newspaper, he, the finish exceptional location in the middle of June and to the special situation of return requested. About it it is reported on Tuesday, the online portal of the views.

The step of importance is the large icon: The Federal Council highlighted that he wants to end the extraordinary situation after three months and the condition get out, thanks to the he ruled in many areas by emergency legislation.

The practical implications are, however, limited. Also in the special position of the Federal Council according to the epidemic act has far-reaching competencies, such as the Closing of shops and schools. However, he is again obliged the cantons to be consulted before he decides. He has done even in the extraordinary situation, however, on a voluntary Basis. The previous emergency legislation adopted pursuant to it, and temporary measures will remain valid.

The cantons anyway, welcome to the step: you could decide with the end of the exceptional situation of their own measures, said Christian Rathgeb, the future President of the conference of the cantonal governments, on Monday of this editorial.

is Possible, however, that the time to talk in the Federation Council yet. In view of the for days small number of coronavirus infections in Switzerland, a more rapid phase-out of the extraordinary would be ordinary situation epidemiologically justifiable. However, the Federal Council has to ensure that he does not overlook some of the legal pitfalls.

events with up to 300 persons

On Wednesday will be the decision of the Federal Council in addition, the next easing steps dam. As various sources confirm, to from the 8. June meetings up to 30 persons possible, also the restrictions for Restaurants to be softened. With protection concepts, and even events with up to 300 people will be allowed, such as weddings, theatre performances and even school camps.

it is Crucial that the Hygiene – and distance measures are to be adhered to and the participants are known, it is called in Bern. Thanks to the contact information could, in the case of Corona infection, the Tracking of vulnerable people and the further spread prevent.

it was Already known that the Federal Council, moreover, the Opening of swimming pools, Zoos, cinemas, mountain Railways and campsites, as well as the re-recording of the classroom lessons to professional-, medium -, and universities by 8. June plans.

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