longer the police is using the social networks to report from current operations, to warn of dangers and share search calls. Again and again, including: nice photos, the officials are sympathetic and, above all, human appear – for example, if you rescue a cat, or a child may be seated in the patrol car. Praise and enthusiasm are guaranteed. The latest action by the Berlin police is not all positive reactions.

On Tuesday, the Social Media Team of the Berlin police, shared in his Instagram-a story of a very unusual”Bolo”. Come to owe something to the Wanted not has, in fact, she has just fallen officers.”Please,” it says in the Story, the image shows the Silhouette of a woman and a little heart-Smiley face with an arrow.On Monday afternoon you will have the officials at the Hackescher market, according to the way asked.”Your Smile bewitched him”, – stated in the next Story, moreover, there is no description. The Wanted will be asked to sign in via Instagram – you don’t go to the officials from the head. The call ends with:”He wore a Uniform. You gave him a goodbye Smile. Now he’s looking for you – we can help.“

Screenshots of the search spread quickly on Twitter and Facebook.”Romantic,” commented some. Others, including the professional Association “Independent of the police e. V.” found the action rather embarrassing.”The problem is the channel of communication to the police: Assembly public manhunt for robbers, Tuesday, public, the search of an attractive woman (…) Find the mistakes,” reads one of the Tweets of the Association. Not a Problem, however, the CDU-politician Thorsten Schatz, Chairman of the CDU group in Spandau.”The authority shows that in the Uniform are people with emotions, fall in love like others”, tweeted he. In times of”increasing lack of respect” this is an important Signal.

partner exchange you want not to be

The Berlin police said on request of the “daily mirror”, the authority often get Inquiries from men and women, “the interest to your colleagues that you have met in use, or when you want to say thank you.” The Social Media Team allows for, contact the service context. On Instagram, you’ve tried it-oriented”audience” in the other direction, a brokerage and would not be, of course.

to do With a Partnervermittlunghat for some, however little, but a lot more with Stalking. Some of the reports from the occasion of experience, in which officials became grip – a user writes, a police officer would have called you repeatedly, after he had come by a ticket to your phone number. Other users told that an officer had retrieved prior to a Date of your criminal record.

From Buzzfeed rejects, the police, the Stalking charge. The offence had nothing to do with the search call, the speaker. On Instagram, there have been mainly positive Feedback. Whether the search was successful, is not yet known.