These bags do not have to be large. What had to earlier, now everything on the phone. Philipp Bree, grew up with handbags out of the family business, and for six years its own brand, namely PB0110, observed the exactly professional. In the Berlin Salon in the St. Elisabeth Church, he now points to one of the many phones in close proximity, then his Clutches in bright Red, Pink, Yellow, and Blue, lying on a podium in front of his feet. Bree says: “The bag comes out of the function.” This has always been so. Bree tells the story of the first models of its kind in the 15. Century, fixed on the garter belt under the fluffy skirts; in the pockets of the lipstick. Later, in the 16th century. Century, the handle of bag with different pouches for many different coin currencies of the fragmented territories, then the wallet for bills, the money, the briefcase, the It-Bag trump.

Jennifer Wiebking

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

The bag has adjusted in the course of history is always at your circumstances. “And this,” Bree, the phone says, “changed everything once again. For us, this is a beautiful area.“ So he came to these Clutches, “for a couple of Bills, cards, the mobile phone”. A Clutch fits similar to comfortably in the palm of your hand, but you can also be different. Bree pulls at the back of the rectangle, and a Nylon-bag comes out, so far, so hidden as a parachute, for the case that it is times more. The Clutch is made of leather just sits now as a side compartment at the front.

waiver of new fashion

to Help such ideas to the weakening of the fashion? It is not unwell, is captured numerically exactly, and there are plenty of reasons why that won’t change for the foreseeable future. Accounted for the Numbers: in 1998, 5.7 percent of all consumer spending in the German on clothing and shoes, so surveys of the Federal Statistical office. Since then, there have been year on year less, and the last in 2017 4.4 percent.

The trend continues: The Germans seem to be able to new fashion without, even more so, if Trends play no role at all any more, the cupboards are full and the storage space is paid for. Because of consumer spending the costs for Living have risen in the same period, the strong growth of 31.9 per cent before the age of 21 on the last of 35.6. What can come in times of crisis, even of this industry in Germany?

of Course, the fashion is not to re-invent, not in this week, for the Berlin Fashion Week, which is an occasion for the many brands at trade shows, on catwalks, to show as part of the group exhibition in the Salon, what one has thought so for the coming autumn and Winter. Instead, a Clutch could make, as Philipp Bree shows this Tuesday afternoon, a new autumn. One that is not good enough, so that it is returned to you after you have ordered this design – probably via the Internet – home, immediately back.

“This can no longer view”

Shortly after Christmas, as there was little more to do, as a part of the gifts to exchange, which had chosen a loved one with care, prevented a study of the liberating feeling that the clutter quickly got rid of that huge. The digital Association Bitkom had determined that the return rate had increased in the past two years by 20 percent. Each of the eighth order is to be shipped, therefore, of the German back; in the case of the younger customers under the age of thirty, it is even every fifth.