The Berlin fashion week may make up for with many collections to the attention of this debut took place however, on Wednesday, at the F. A. Z.-mode reception. Aleksandra hunting field appeared in a Look, there is not, strictly speaking, not yet. For it is only in April, the coats of their new fashion brand, Aleksandra, Viktor come out.

Alfons Kaiser

editor responsible for the Department “Germany and the world,” and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin.

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The pieces from a cotton-silk blend are not printed with psychedelic Patterns, as one might at first sight believe. Rather, the patterns emerge in Uzbekistan in the traditional Ikat weaving technique, the iridescent graphic shapes. The first copy of the brand, Aleksandra, Viktor, to online and via a Showroom in Berlin expelled, there to beautiful hopes occasion. Because of the fantastic patterns are also diverse and recognizable. And the Berlin-based brand Rianna + Nina shows that you can have with an eclectic mix of intricately crafted items of success in the saturated fashion market, even if the pieces are expensive – for Aleksandra, Viktor, a coat will cost 1800 Euro.

Aleksandra Jagfeld, which comes from Bromberg (Bydgoszcz) in Poland, in Frankfurt (Oder) and in Málaga, studied cultural studies, her Master’s degree in Real Estate made in Berlin long time in the real estate business and the real estate entrepreneur Julius hunting field, is married, has always been interested in fashion and the scene through the now closed business and her mother-in-law in the Quartier 206 on Friedrichstrasse.

The reception on Wednesday evening on the occasion of fashion week to the approximately 500 guests to the capital of the house of the F. A. Z., the thirty-six-year target addressed before a suitable image of the photographer Helmut Fricke. The Background shows the Back of the French fashion house Paul Poiret in Paris in a year.

Many of those present Designer, fashion manager, fashion Models, stylists, authors, artists, actors and photographers to the scenes detected again, the Fricke in Paris, Milan, Florence and New York had picked up from the Chanel beach at the Grand Palais on a Marni-Deep garage until Ralph-Lauren-anniversary in Central Park. From Berlin, only a single recording of the Perret was Baumarkt-Schaad-Look in the Hellweg. But still!