Due to the wins of the Standard and AA Gent in the Europa League on Thursday night, Belgium advanced to the third place in the European coëfficiëntenranking of the season. Only Scotland and the Netherlands, are doing better and better.

SEE ALSO. AA Gent is dragging itself after a huge blunder by Kaminski nevertheless, it passed by Saint-Etienne in the Europa League,

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The season is far from bad, started out with the Belgian club. Only Antwerp has survived the European preliminaries are not, and with Club Brugge and Genk, there are two clubs in the Champions League. The People here are the only club that has no points could be scored for the Belgian coefficient. It is a tie of Club Brugge at The earned points at the rate of the wins of the Standard and AA Gent will be at the centre of Vitoria and Saint-Etienne is two points.

now, Therefore, Belgium is a very good thing in the coëfficiëntenranking. The state is currently in third place (out of 55 countries. Only Scotland and the Netherlands, are doing better, but they had to go before the trials begin and as a result, more games and more opportunities to have had points to gain.

The opposite is true: the fact that the Belgian clubs for the past 14 voorrondewedstrijden on the clock, have, Club Brugge, Genk, AA Gent and Standard, and a head start on a really big voetbalnaties, such as Spain, the united kingdom, Germany, and Italy. The probability that the edge is preserved as if it were: in Italy, all the three above-mentioned countries and seven different teams are in the running.

the Club Brugge and got most of the points are in, the Antwerp is the least of:

Club Brugge not only for our country, so far, most of the points were won. Blue-and-black-and ranked among the four extra bonus points to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League. Then, AA Gent will be the best student in the class, with four wins from seven matches.

It has also already been decided that the royal Antwerp this season to have the least contribution to the Belgian coefficient. The Great difficulty was only able to win in the preliminary round, and that is nothing compared to the victory, which is the Standard reported in the group stage of the Europa League-or the bonus is that Genk will get to participate in the Champions League.

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