Belén Rueda:Nothing is impossible, even if you say otherwise


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Unforgettable are many of the characters he has played Belén Rueda (Madrid, 1965). As Julia, the lawyer of Mar adentro, by Alejandro Amenábar, a film which addresses the controversial issue of euthanasia. Or Laura, in the film the orphanage, J. A. Bayona, where he plays a woman who faces the most dreadful thing that can happen to a mother: the death of his son. Something that the own Belén Rueda suffered many years ago, but that you will never forget – “with the time, just learn to live with it” – with the loss of their little Maria, who remembers it as the worst moment of his life. Or the baroness Sophie von Essenbeck, in the theatrical version of the famous tape of Luchino Visconti, The fall of the gods, carried to the tables by Tomaž Pandur. Or the subcomisaria Alba Diaz of Salvatierra, in the film The silence of the white city, by Daniel Calparsoro. To which is now added, in the appointment emeritense, that of Penelope, who waits twenty years for the return of her husband, Ulysses, from the Trojan war.

Are women who have to face complex situations, in adverse, in which, in one form or another, should manifest strong. What is considered Belén Rueda, a woman of these characteristics? “The truth is that yes, but I must confess to you that I am in a stage of my life in which I am trying to take that poster of strong woman. I believe that the strength has not to prevent to show the vulnerability. Many of the characters I have played have a clear goal, but also their doubts, their weaknesses. is Are strong, and at the same time fragile,” .

how Nerves before his debut in Merida?

In Mérida I have been on numerous occasions, as a spectator, but, no doubt, for any actor it is a luxury to go from the stands to the stage. Makes Me a huge illusion, and at the same time is a tremendous responsibility. Merida produces respect. But since the first time I spoke with Magüi Mira about the project excited me so much that it evaporated all the fears.

How is Penelope?

over time, has come to us as the myth of the faithfulness, the submission of the female, but this is a reductionist view that does not encompass the entire personality of Penelope. Magüi Mira has been documented a lot, and has consulted with several historians, and offers us a character is wonderful, getting the feel as well as contemporary. He lives in a world dominated by men, but it is a strategist of life by making the wise and skillful chicanery of work for the day and unravel it by night to contain the harassment of the nobles who vied for your hand by believing dead Ulysses. You have to be master of its own destiny in circumstances very thorny and discovers in the resistance of your own self.

“When Amenábar called me for “the Sea inside” had a mindset that is closed to that from the tv go to the cinema”

If I propose something very appealing influence to say yes. Happened to Me with Pandur and his brave bet to adapt a superb and very well-known film, The fall of the gods, to the theatre. Pandur had a very special way of finding beauty in the pain. However, I have been offered interesting projects with which I did not commit. The issue is that it was very difficult to reconcile the drama with the family life, and will usually require a commitment very long, with rehearsals, tours… in Addition, for a time, I had a situation complicated family and had to turn in my daughters, which is for me essential. Although at a certain moment I told myself that I was going to do theater, yes or yes, because I love it.

You were going to be an architect…

Yes, but many times the self and the life you lead by other paths to be expected in the beginning. Since childhood I always liked to draw, and the architecture perfectly in duet a technical part and the other artistic. The first I came from my father, an engineer, and the second of my mother, a ballet teacher. By the way, the ballet has helped me a lot to autodisplicina. As a student, I started to introduce myself to casting, because I also drew his attention to the world of the show and because I didn’t want my parents to carry with all the expenses of my studies. They began to leave things on television as hostess and host , then series, but the truth is that in the beginning I didn’t thought that everything would go so far.

Belen Rueda in a scene from the mounting of the downfall of The gods

Amenábar was decisive…

it Was a surprise that I called, and very exciting. Especially when at that time there was a mentality very close to someone who worked in TV go to the cinema. I thanked her infinite trust in me.

do you have a method of interpretation?

it Is essential to resort to emotional memory . And also for me to talk with someone who is in the situation of the character. For example, when I did the film The eyes of Julia, I got in touch with the ELEVEN.

“Penelope has to be master of its own destiny in circumstances very thorny and discovers in the resistance of your own self”

have You given some advice to her daughter who follows in his steps?

-I’m Not much of giving advice. And when I said that I wanted to be an actress, I thought: “No, my god, my God”, although, of course, I I put up. The important thing is to train yourself and better if it is not only in a way. It can be hard to live this profession, and gives equal to that you are “son of…”. In what I insist is that you have that you’re passionate about what you do, and that there is nothing impossible, even though you say otherwise. Never throw in the towel.

what Is supported enough culture, theater?

it Is an unfortunate fact that in every crisis, the first thing that is cut is the culture. Are we crazy? Only the culture allows you to think freely. It is necessary that you receive the same aid that any other sector, and not only through grants.

What led to the confinement?

I Went through several stages, although the truth is that I’ve had the luck of being with my family and in a house with a garden, which was a relief. We saw it continually in the news and we set an order and discipline: to study, to do sports… and little bit, each one was taking his space. And after two weeks, we agreed that if someone felt depressed to say.