After surviving a second no-confidence vote against the Prime Minister, Theresa May Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay has ruled out a Referendum on the Brexit Treaty. The was solely because of legal requirements, and the shortness of the time available is unrealistic, he says. At the same time, the Minister asserted that his government intended to not hard Brexit.

Before the start of the EU summit on Thursday in Brussels, foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) foreign facilitates, with a view on the outcome of the vote of no confidence. “At least, total Chaos has been averted,” said Maas on Thursday in “Germany funk”. Now there is a new Chance, that May, the advertising in the house of Commons a majority for the controversial EU-exit contract, get this. Everything had to be done to prevent a hard Brexit said Maas.

A unregulated outlet would bring to both Britain and the EU, significant disadvantages, such as in work places. It was now a “question of responsibility” on both sides. Changes to the Brexit-agreement of castle, Maas once again. The present Text was, “to decide on the is”. In the case of the agreement in Brussels had been of the government in London already.

this Thursday the EU summit deals with the exit plans. EU Council President Donald Tusk announced prior to the beginning of May for a meeting. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the other heads of state and government want to contribute to the ready-to-EU-exit the Treaty, a majority in the British Parliament, and a messy separation at the end of March is to be avoided. How this should be done without renegotiations, however, is open.