Yle according to information obtained by private medical chain of Bees would be recruiting doctors and nurses from the corona in a crisis kärvistelevään Spain. Bee ceo Janne-Olli Järvenpää confirm it.

I have been approached today from Spain directly to the country’s largest private hospital chain, the chairman of the board by, whom I know personally, Järvenpää said in an email.

– I Have forwarded a request for assistance to move forward and inquired, whether voluntary Finnish hero doctors and heroic nurses, who would go to save human lives in Spain for a limited period of time and would return to the then first-line experience of their own as Finland before here we are in the same situation, he continued.

the Doctors and nurses would do in new hampshire, according to the likely amount of time, possibly two weeks, contract a local health care with the organizer. The Spanish national airline to deliver them free of charge. Job as a hospital in Madrid.

interested in are already found

however, this Raises the idea about what happens if the situation in Finland, it will go bad and the doctors and the nurses there will be a shortage here, but part of it is gone to Spain to help.

in new hampshire sees that, for example, two weeks lasting period and that the accumulated experience should only help if the situation gets bad.

– I think we would have a duty to help if we can. And the next line of experience was also valuable for Finland’s own precautionary point of view. The situation is almost catastrophic, and in Spain there is a serious shortage of all health care professionals, Järvenpää says.

interested in Spanish-assignment is in new hampshire, according to the already found.

But otherwise, this process of realisation is still very uncertain. At the moment the situation is still good in Finland, but the change is certainty in the coming weeks. It may also be that we are actually in need of assistance.

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