The man from the royal belgian football association has this morning dealt with a complaint from Beerschot against the license of a PR Emergency. The decision follows on the 15th of October, and at the request of the lawyers of the KV Mechelen was in the seat behind-closed-doors place. The lawyers of both the parties, the gifts after the meeting – which is more than half-an-hour it took, however, however, some explanation.

His lawyer Beerschot): “well, We’ll head up”

Thomas Gillis, the attorney for Beerschot, highlighted the importance of KV Mechelen, in accordance with the letter of the bondsreglement is a violation made against the license. “Johan, He was suspended as a representative of the Pro League and the Executive Committee of the belgian football association. In the bondsreglement is in black and white, that the clubs are the suspension of one of its legal entities will always need to communicate. They won’t do it.”

now, Therefore, risk a PR and a financial penalty (up to a maximum of 5,000 euros) and the cancellation of the license for that season. The probability that the final sanction is pronounced, it is, however, very small. “It would be a first for a club of its licence during the season will be cancelled. But it was also a first for a club that has been convicted for the competitievervalsing should not be degraded”, said He after the meeting.

It is the fact that Beerschot, sporting has nothing to gain from a revocation of the license of a PR play, according to His order. “Our declaration is dated on the 17th of July. The competition is started. If they were called up on the 25th of July, and their licenses were revoked before the start of the competition, it was pretty simple and played for Beerschot, are now in 1A. This is not possible does not mean that we are just making the head turn. It’s not our fault, that’s the thing, in October, only prevents. We ask, therefore, that the license of the PR to be revoked. That’s what we do in the best interest of our clients in the club, but also in the best interest of the sport in general.”

Mr Lammar (attorney at law, KV Mechelen): “the Complaint is to be considered null and void and without merit”:

On the question of a rule of thumb, the lawyer Mr Lammar, the hearing behind closed doors will be held. “Because my opponent did not have the chance to give his cinema to a wider audience. We want to be something in this file for saving.”

“The complaint of Beerschot, is null and void because it does not meet the formal requirements have been met”, he continued Lammar. “On the other hand, they have no vested interest in this case because of the timing of the claim, be submitted to a sanction that could lead to a license in season 20/21, which is at this moment in time, not to worry about it.”

“in Addition, we believe that the case is without merit. Their argument is that it is the lord, He is suspended, it would have been, at the time the licence application has been submitted, it is not well-founded. Why or why not? Because it’s just a matter of suspension, as if they were a member of the Executive Committee. No more, no less. As an authorized correspondent of KV Mechelen, he could still be full of action. Even with the suspension, it was against the law. As for the back, according to the bondsreglement does not have the power to make someone on the Executive Committee for suspension.”

The decision follows on the 15th of October.

the License for the next season?

At KV Mechelen, they can already do everything around the next season and a license is to be obtained. “We expect the us to be in some difficulties at the time of granting, but we do everything we can to get our dossier to be in conformity with the requirements of the union,” according to Lammar. “At this moment in time, there is no indication that a license will not be given. The orders of the directors shall be effective immediately upon the conviction of the BASS from the club is gone they all quit. Thus, there is no one in the current administration to be present to be convicted, it is due to the BASS.”
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