Beerschot went to Virton in search of a first win on the trip, but it went down again to solid bottom. Even in far-off Luxembourg-remained with the players, Stijn Vreven, therefore, are left empty-handed. In the first half, did Emeric Dudouit his team in the tie after the break and were two of the rake and corners are enough for the home team.

Beerschot recupereerde for the game against Virton vleugelback Réda Halaimia, but the Match was ultimately not in the clash. Emeric Dudouit started again as a right back, and Vreven didn’t want to get in to the midfield Silly-Sanusi-Holzhauser. In the front was Tarik Tissoudali to buy these to cover charges immediately after, it is preferable to Fessou Placca. The visitors began to keen in the sunny side of the Stade Yvan Georges. Ryan Sanusi has already received in two minutes with a shot at glory, but he will bounce back next. Not long after burnt also, Virton for the first time, to the front, with Pierre Bourdin, was on his toes.

as the hour went on, then, suddenly, it’s lights out for Emeric Dudouit. To the right, began in a spot, in its own rectangle, and so it was with the leather in Between Master. The Frenchman, who took the gift of his fellow-countryman, with a very big thank you to. Master omspeelde Vanhamel, and he kicked his team out of the blue at the edge. Beerschot took some of the blow, but just before the break, With the Dom twice to close in the second half. At first, it was his header through a Virtonverdediger is still in the corner, gedevieerd, in which, by way of which we followed and had Anthony At a brisk parade, in a second header of the Dom. But the score did Beerschot won’t break. It was the fourth time in as many away games at the team, Stijn Vreven and at a lag to it.

Two of the corners

After the rest had Vreven for the poor, Dudouit in the locker room, with Jorn Vancamp opted for a strong attacking force. As a result, right away in any semi-kansjes. Anthony Moris in the way of an attempt by Dylan Saint-Louis, and a few minutes later, the same St Louis with a toe short of a great man Noubissi within the body. Just past the hour it was on thuisdoelman Anthony Moris is only a clever attempt to drive Vancamp. Thereafter, it fell quiet for a moment.

The best chance of the second half, and even more to Virton. Alexander Ramalingom was on the pole, and Mike Vanhamel has had a superb save in a vrijschop of the Lecomte. It was only a stay of execution, because at the next corner, it was the price. Stelvio Rosa Da Cruz, took a brilliant header, all the hope away from the visitors. Not much later, made the same Offers, there is still room for one more, again after a corner kick, and once again there were Beerschotverdedigers it, and they looked at them: 3-0. And that’s how the bay of Kiel in Rats with a-1 on the 12 on the trip. Our business will do and the Boys are still in it for the first periodetitel, but we have to remind us of the dark years in the Red Devils all too well what that kind of zoethoudertjes eventually turned into. If Beerschot is so weak, the day is coming when on the move, it has nothing this holiday season.

for More about K. Beerschot V. A., a Missed promotion, teems still with Beerschot: “It would be nice if the football association is to be excused” Beerschot is true If, and is the winner of the weekend at the Proximus League Toptransfer in the Workshop liefhebbersvoetbal: Losada goes to FC, Keel, Mohamed Messoudi puts career on Experience-Lier in the third amateurklasse