The Shutdown is crippling for almost four weeks in America, many officials are currently working without a salary. So also the men of the Secret Service to protect as a bodyguard to the President. They not only ensure the safety of Donald trump, but for which the former incumbent, Barack Obama and George W. Bush. The 72-year-old Ex-President Bush surprised his Bodyguards now, with Pizza.

In a photo he shared on his Instagram Account, he is seen with three Pizza boxes, he brings the seven men and women of the Secret Service team. To this end, he wrote: “Laura and I are our Secret Service employees and the thousands of officials, grateful to have to work so hard for our country, without getting a salary for it. And we would like to thank our fellow citizens supported them.“ In the end, he called on the government to direct the Situation as quickly as possible back to normal: “It’s time for our leaders to end on both sides of politics to come together and finish the budget freeze.”

the reason for the Shutdown is the dispute over the financing of the Berlin wall on the border to Mexico. President Trump to refuse a budget law, which contains no money for the wall. The Democrats, whose votes he has in Congress for this, instructed to reject the but.