is aware of The love has no borders, is often so beautiful. In Washington, this romantic Bon MOT, however, the hard reality – at least for all those who want to tie the knot. Due to the two-week “shutdown” of the American government, must remain the court of the capital city based registry office closed until Further notice.

the reason for the standstill of numerous American authorities is that the Republicans do not agree to President Donald Trump and the Opposition on the financing of Parts of the Federal government. Sticking point is the Trump aspired to build a wall on the border to Mexico, the President wants to schedule several billion dollars in the household budget.

couples are politely dismissed

Many marriages couples the closure of the Registrar’s office screwed up royally and for months planned Celebration – little did they know simply that the Registrar’s office in Washington is different than the registry offices in the States of federally funded. The reason is the special role of the capital district.