Because of abuse allegations: Lady Gaga apologizes for collaboration with R. Kelly


    According to the most recent abuse allegations against the musician in R. Kelly has apologized to the Pop icon Lady Gaga (32) for their collaboration with the singer. “Excuse me assets for my weak judgment, when I was young, and have not previously said anything,” said the musician about the short messages Twitter.

    at the same time, it announced that never again, with the musicians working together, and the Song “Do What U Want (With My Body)” to iTunes and other streaming platforms remove.

    With the documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly” have won for decades of known abuse allegations against the singer in impact. Kelly has denied the allegations, decided, and accuses his critics of a smear campaign. A large number of women accusing the 52-year-old singer to have her sexually, or emotionally abused, some of them already a Teenager.

    “I am 1000 percent behind this women, believe them, and know that you are suffering and in pain,” said Lady Gaga. Their voices should be heard and taken Seriously. The allegations against the singer called Lady Gaga “terribly” and “unforgivable”.