for 2.5 years, Compared to that Of The Stage (27) is maintained, that is, memory loss is not more remembered what is going on with Shashia series of poker main event (20) has been made. But, in the process of her death, he came up Friday afternoon with a statement. In a way. “We have a wurgseks again.”, he said, for the first time. “And again!”

The Loss Of Memory. He knew it was simply not what it is on Tuesday 7th of February 2017 and has happened with Shashia series of poker main event (20), the girl whose body is being abused and murdered in its grounds had been found. His DNA was on her body and set her blood on his clothes. But Compared to Van Den Broeck (27) and did so for 2.5 years, as if he had forgotten. Up until Friday he was during his questioning, suddenly have started to speak about that particular day. “I met her at the train station and then we went to my apartment’s gone,” said the person. “It was about five minutes away. I don’t know what we were talking, but most probably it was about Pokémons.”

“My hands are on her throat and below”:

When she was with him in the apartment, came back, and has Shashia first Pokémonfiguurtjes in his chest looked at. “In our meeting, then fairly soon evolved into sexual contact. I’m in her ass begin to touch, what to kiss together. After that, we went to the bedroom. Shashia was not at all.” On the basis Of The Team was in the field, therefore, by mutual agreement, it is further assisenproces must now determine whether those explanations are correct.

In previous interrogations by the police and the investigating judge had with the accused and that the sexual contact never admitted it. “Yes, yes, we’ve had sex. And this is the – um – again.” When the president asked him what that meant, and answered By The Team “it used to be normal, it was claimed, but it was tougher”. “No BDSM scenes or anything like that. Just a hard dick. More intense and just. It took ten minutes, and then I heard that they are no longer breathing, and I’m panic stricken. I had to get my hands on her throat, turned, and I have, I think, harder to doorgeduwd then I put two and two together. She was in a fragile condition…”

back To the Hubo in order to break ground

part Of The Team – that is quiet to talk, no emotions to show to his own words, “three or four minutes, and pushed”. “You know, I didn’t think that it’s too hard. However, they did not survive, so, yeah… It wasn’t too hard.” It is only after he has come to do so, as he that it is no longer an option. “She has not at any time done. Not verbally, not physically.”

as soon As he realized what had happened, he went down. “I thought to myself: “now, if I’m in the emergency call, and is in any case too late for that. And they’re going to give me to believe that it was an accident. It is perhaps a different thing to do, but it really was just an accident. I have all of my options to run through, and then go to the Hubo was going to be a different way to buy them. Available? That is, it is not in my mind.”

Then he was back on the Hubo, he is her blood-stained clothing, try to wash it. “After that, I was in a pit was dug in the garden. When I saw that it was not long enough, I tied to get her to get it.”

and Then it goes From The Stage to the Media Market. As if nothing had happened. “I thought, ” just be as normal as possible. And it works, anyone that I know of. That person, I have to say that I Shashia is already in the morning, haven’t seen it.”

After his visit to the Media Market and went out Of The Team is still working at the McDonald’s in Town.

(Photo: Jan Van der Perre < / P> Pokémonkaarten

Shashia series of poker main event (20) from Heist-op-den-Berg on Tuesday, February 7, 2017, by her family as missing. It soon became clear that she was in on her day off to Antwerp, it was gone, and that she was to meet up with Jonny From The Stage (27). They were Pokémonfiguurtjes exchanges, and their shared passion. Van Den Broeck looked to their appointment, however, is more of a chance to have a date, so he gave up his Friday time. He had been to her over Facebook already, but more are asked to arrange a date, still to no avail. The girl, who was at the indoor playground, her mom was working, it was not at all interested in him. However, in Pokémonverzameling.

The two met each other at the Central train Station of Antwerp, belgium. Under the watchful eye of the security camera, as we have seen in the study. Ten minutes later I recorded it with a camera, the duo is in the house Compared to the Van Stralenstraat go. Hours and hours of footage were reviewed, but none was to be seen, but the girl’s home later, and left.

Chat with your own

In the hours attempted for the guy, with all the possible means to find a pretext to provide them. It was he who used the mobile phone of the girl to be herself to chat with, and had to indicate that their appointment was cancelled and had.

SEE ALSO. The process Pokémonmoord and her body was lying in the garden, and her blood was on his clothes, but claims he has nothing to remember

During a search of his home and saw the police, and that the garden has recently been re-ploughed. At work, it was a naked, tied-up body of the girl was found. She had been abused and murdered. Detectives found her blood on his clothes, and his DNA in her body.

the Memory

in Spite of all the evidence against him is held by Jonny From The Stage that he was not reminded of the fact. He continued to hold on to that memory, even though according to the gerechtspsychiater is more likely than not being feigned, was.

But Friday morning it seemed, suddenly, to the possibility that there is an explanation for what is to come. Lawyer Jan De Man, who have, since the end of June, along with a master Like Ed, for his behalf, said that he and the defendants made it clear to him, but better of all of them. “I am under the impression that he understands, and I hope that he will be at his hearing to be completely clear, it will clarify what has happened,” suggested the master, as The Man of the past. He did suggest that there might be a re-qualification of the facts is necessary.

Walter’s Being, which is in the best interests of the father and of the Shashia is defending, said in the statement that he regretted was, that Compared to that Of The omega pharma-lotto, now I would like to talk to. “That’s a handicap, and that has given us the opportunity taken during the investigation, additional issues to be examined. But it’s finally to the point that he will make a statement loses. We will take a critical look at and listen to and care about the real truth.”

The long-awaited declaration came Friday afternoon, after the age of 2.5 years.