The Tube of Youri Tielemans and Dennis Praet Friday evening to be ruthlessly taken out to the field at Southampton. After that, the home team early on, in ten years they went in the Tube with the gas pedal alone. Results: cat 0-9. Youri Tielemans was in a ” goal – his second in a week – and an assist, Jamie vardy granted, and Ayoze Perez scored, each with a hat-trick.

After the Chilwell within two hours of the 0-1 on the scoreboard was set, and had at Southampton with ten men on. After a scandalous tackle in the calf of the Boredom got to Work on red. Leicester is a City and refined registrations and the numerical advantage and played a team off the mat. Williams (17 in.) doubled up with a low slider for the lead and was brilliant Perez (19 in.) after a clever one-two with the 0 to 3 in. The Same Perez’s (39. 57.) it would be just like vardy granted a 45., 58. and the 90’s.+4) the players make. Meanwhile, having scored also in Maddison (85.).

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The giant triumph is going to be in the history books of the Premier League, because it is the largest uitzege ever. That was, until now, in the name of Manchester United on 6 February 1999: Nottingham Forest to beat it with 1-8. It is also the one matching the greatest victory one can ever have. A record that is Acceptable to share it with Manchester United. The ‘ Red Devils’ then Ipswich Town, 4 march 1995) is a dry, 9-0, on.