In the case of Darts, each throw of a Millimeter. Therefore, the designation of a scarce victory is actually not quite suitable. The quarter final victory of Michael Buchner at the world Championships of the international dart Association BDO exceeded but in drama everything a German Darts player is yet to befall The 30-year-old Munich won the duel mitWillem Mandigers with 5:4 sets (Re-Live on the Youtube channel of the BDO), and is in the round of last four. Him of 15,000 British pounds (about 17,000 euros), so it’s safe.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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“It was a game with many UPS and downs. But now I’m just happy,“ said Buchner. In the last year, briefly at the top of the world rankings and guided by the BDO to the player of the year 2018 crowned German had problems for a long time, especially at the End of each game with a hit into the double box, large, which is why he came in the end, only a rate of around 30 percent, and a rather paltry points of intersection of 88,35. This also led to a 1:3 Behind.

He retained, but in the precarious position of the nerve, winning the next two sets and prevented set of residue in the eighth and lost the opening Leg in the ninth set that his opponent was awarded despite the best of initial condition is also only a match dart.

As the game in the ninth and the last sentence then, of course, decided, seemed to favor the Germans, awarded under Buchner two match Darts on double Eight and double Four. And Mandigers took advantage of the opportunity with a great number 149 Checkout to 2:2. It went into overtime: During the first eight sets in the quarter-finals were decided with the fifth Leg, the Decision that the winner must have two Legs edge before, at the latest, the ninth Leg decides.