With whiskey as an aid to come, a Bavarian priest better with men into the conversation. “With a Bible evening it does not work. With Whisky, but I reach out to the men,“ said the Catholic priest Thomas Eschenbacher German press Agency. “It is a topic that interests you.” The 53-Year-old is a whiskey-lovers. For the 11. January, he has been invited to the so-called Whisky-retreat to Hammelburg. The offer is exclusively for men, it was immediately fully booked.

As the exercises apply the spiritual Exercises to retreat. It is, therefore, to pause and to deepen one’s own relationship to God. A retreat in a monastery in a small group, guided multi-day Silence, or while Hiking. Whether the new pastoral care Format will actually work? “I don’t know what comes out of it and if the concept really fits,” said Eschenbacher.

The senior pastor of the parish community, mutton Burger Land is purpose of bringing in lower Franconia, has long been known for creative ways, to the Faith and to God. For years he headed the Church service for carnival in Würzburg, and accused his sermons. A football pilgrimage for the re-emergence of the 1. FC Nürnberg, he organized.