Between Kassel, Germany and the Odenwald to give more and more pig farmers. From November 2017 to November 2018, the stock of breeding was sows to a 16 percent decline – as much as in any other land. And the state of Hesse, Bauer’s President Karsten Narrow expects a further decline: “Many owners have announced that they are in the last round.” This he said before the start of the Agricultural week in the South of Hesse in Gernsheim in the conversation with FAZ.NET.

Thorsten Winter

business editor and Internet coordinator of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Responsible for the demise of the Sows, the lack of reliability of political preferences is, in the words of Narrow. Pig farmers are faced with the question, to castrate pigs in the future. In addition, the policy calls for the so-called Magdeburg case judgment was more space for breeding sows only where you bring your pig to the world. The judgment draws on expensive installations, such as Narrow explained. Not every pig owner in the state of Hesse, where there are hardly any large farms could afford it.

the castration of Piglets under local anaesthesia?

In the dispute over the castration of Piglets, although there is a temporary solution: In the Federal government, the coalition for a further two years has allowed the castration without anesthesia. After that, however, is unclear. The Green is about asking to castrate piglets under General anesthesia. Whether this is likely to do the farmers themselves or a vet would have to pull, but it’s open, like Narrow said. In other countries, such as Denmark male pig offspring will be stunned before the procedure locally.

Against this Background, the holder would give in this country – the piglets came, meanwhile, from the neighboring countries. “We have the highest Standards, but the animals don’t come from there, where these Standards apply. It can’t be,“ said the farmer President. However, many consumers demanding meat from their respective Region at the supermarket. The will, however, complicated by the lack of reliability of the policy.

milk prices properly

Better the situation of the dairy farmers, such as Narrow-say, even a farm with 300 dairy cows. Since the stocks had fallen, were not provided the quantities of milk, the farmers to the dairies, so high. The shortage of feed after the drought last year also ensure. All of this is good for the milk prices. You are a good one-tenth higher than three years ago.