Brave, brave. Confidence is not lacking the Fraport Skyliners in particularly difficult times, really. With the new year, the Frankfurt basketball team and their coach Gordon Herbert have set a new goal – I had to. At the end of the Bundesliga main round of the Hessen want to move in now, at least as a table, the sixth in the Play-offs. Before the season, it had to be space of four, that would have meant at home in the quarter-finals against the Fifth.

But self-rank six – currently, the state of Hesse are only Eleventh with 10:14 points – seems to be very daring, because in addition to the power fluctuations, the injury crisis has assumed alarming proportions. For the first game in the second group stage of Eurocups this Thursday (20.15 clock) in Ulm to Herbert to offer only six healthy players from the narrower circle: captain Quantez Robertson, Erik Murphy, Jason Clark, Richard Freudenberg, Marco Völler and Garai Zeeb. Sign out of the building player Akeem Vargas with muscular problems. He is on the way, to be permanent patients.

Nine players are not ready for use

“the players that we have reported in front of the competition for the Euro Cup, there are nine non-ready-to-use,” said Herbert on Wednesday. And Shawn Huff, one of his most experienced players, will have to do without the head coach also, the Finnish national player complains about a cold. A couple of actors from the third-tier Pro B-Team like Armin Trtovac, Aaron Kayser and Konstantin Schubert to the Frankfurter hull troupe complete, therefore, animals.

Competitive with the Skyliners in this composition are not even in the second-highest European competition. Through the many setbacks to the Start in the new year, the situation is dramatic. The Skyliners were with all their shortcomings, a fragile Structure. Now they are shaken to their foundations. In principle, you need a replacement in a number of positions, priority of the Guard and the center position enjoy. According to Herbert it should strengthen, for the time being only one player on the team, it will be “an American,” he announced. One that can take on the role of playmaker or Shooting Guards.

“Very hard to get a good point guard

In the night on Thursday or at the latest, in the course of the day,” want to have the hessians. “Then we will place it as soon as possible to the aircraft,” said Herbert. We are excited about the Potential of the new arrival, he should help immediately. At the moment it is, however, “it is very difficult to get a good point guard”.

Herbert is aware of the tricky Situation: the financial possibilities of the club are usually limited, need to place the Frankfurter a lot of skill at the time of their recruitment. In the past weeks, she had remained without result on the search of a playmaker. It was earlier a need for action, proved to be Clark, but as the better Shooting Guard. Now has adopted the young Trae Bell-Haynes (ankle injury) on the Position of the Rotation.