In the trade dispute comes to China, the United States, with a further Opening of the agricultural market. For the first time since one and a half years, the Chinese government issued on Tuesday re-import approvals for genetically engineered plant varieties. “It is a question of a gesture of good will to the solution of the Trade,” said a representative of the American agricultural Association.

In Beijing, representatives of the world’s two largest economies continued powers of the world talks on ways out of the customs dispute. The United States have been demanding greater Opening up of China for agricultural products and are the largest exporter of genetically modified crops. China is the largest importer of soybeans and rapeseed in this area.

Three approvals for German companies

the Total of the approved five genetically modified varieties of plants for the Import Dupont two varieties of BASF, one of the new Bayer subsidiary company Monsanto, and two varieties of the American chemical group, Dow. It comes to canola, Corn and soy beans.

“We are pleased that the approval of our seed falls short of characteristics in China,” said Dow-Dupont. The leadership in Beijing that paves the way for the Import of large quantities of soybeans from the United States, said expert Li Qiang, the Shanghai JC Intelligence. “It is a positive Signal.”

China was last approved in July 2017 GM crop varieties for Import – also to high-level discussions with representatives of the American government. American farmers and seed companies complain of crops since long periods of slow and unpredictable approval procedures for Gene.