Basel in the front of the – you guess which is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, a new study shows which companies make the highest revenues. Switzerland is the same with two companies in the Top 5. Isabel Strassheim1 Kommentar1Forscherinnen monitor a bioreactor in a laboratory by Roche.Photo: Jan Greune

until now, the US with Pfizer in the first place, the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. This has changed, as the new comparison of the consultancy firm EY shows that a turnover of the equivalent of 45.6 billion Euro in the year 2019, the group has set Roche from Basel to the top. The Basler Novartis is ranked among the Top 5.

The sales of the largest 21 pharmaceutical companies in the world have increased in the past year significantly increased by 12.3 percent to 445,14 billion euros, as the study by EY shows.

In the research and development of the fins of all the surveyed companies, a total of 92.4 billion euros, as the study by EY shows. This represents an increase of 14.2 percent. On average, the groups spent around 20 percent of revenues for this purpose. Thus, both Roche and Novartis. A significant outlier Pfizer, however, The company spends only 2.6 percent of sales for the discovery of new medicines.

the question on the margin, it is interesting – this measure is calculated simply put, then, how much is left, subtract it from the revenue expenditure on research and development. Here are the biotech companies cut much better. The US company Biogen can even retain half of their turnover as operating profit. Roche manages operating profit share of one-third of the turnover to the fifth digit. Novartis is, however, almost a quarter (23.4 percent) on the twelfth place. (The Figures relate in each case to the operating profit, Ebit, if the company did not state this, he was charged by EY on the Basis of the Ebitda Numbers).

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