this Former top referee Bart Vertenten claims in the employment tribunal in Brussels, and a payment in lieu of notice and compensation for abuse of the amount of 130,000 euros from the Belgian football association. It reports on The Latest News. According to his lawyer, used the royal belgian football association wrong reasons Vertenten to the fire, after the outbreak of the voetbalschandaal ‘Clean Hands’.

Vertenten (31) was established in October 2018, with the redundancies as a professional referee for his alleged role in the ‘Clean Hands’. “Because trust has been violated”, they said in the resignation letter, which the royal belgian football association this year. Thus, it referred to the football association to a press release issued by the federal public prosecutor’s office, which has been spoken about for a wrongly called penalty kick in the match royal Antwerp-Eupen, and contacts Vertenten with a real estate agent Dejan Veljkovic.

However, according to Hans Rieder, the law of Vertenten, cutting arguments, not the wood. “It could be an arbitrator that such contacts are difficult to criticize, as are the princes in a far higher and more intense level to do. Then scheidsrechtersbaas, Paul Allaerts, went to dinner with Veljkovic and has worked with the same accountant,” says Rieder.

the decision by Vertenten, in the game Second Three should have been the customer, according to Rieder, will not be charged for That day is just the same as after the other competitions, with a arbitragerapport prepared. What do you find? The lijnrechter, and is not, the referee will get the blame of that mistake. Vertenten, it could be as good as if not see. Further on in this report: the passages as “very good decision”, “a very good application of the law,” and ” five or more yellow cards is properly granted.” According to Rieder, the argument in favour of the royal belgian football association in order to Vertenten, just for that reason, to dismiss, therefore, wrong. “The belgian football association did at the time of mr. Vertenten fired for misconduct, but that it was contradicted by the facts, as well as a report that the bond is in possession of it, ” says Rieder.

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