< / P>“, Kris Peeters, has made me terribly ill that he is not prime minister, that it was possible, because it was part of a deal to me. I have done everything in our power to get that deal accept it, but when his own party has let him drop, could I do anything about it.” And that, says N-VA-president Bart De Wever, in the second season of the “Change of control”, which is from the 18th of november and will be broadcast on Canvas.

In the second set of dedicated journalist Marc Van de Looverbosch, each with a full delivery through the sp.a, Open VLD, CD&V and N-VA. The fifth episode is going to be about the formation of the government Michel I. ”

now, At one times, Bart De Wever and Kris Peeters, once more, back to that night at the end of 2014, when it was decided by the prime minister, the first of the Swedish coalition. All of the participants thought that the CD&V’s position would be to claim, however, the party decided in the end to Marianne Thyssen, European commissioner in charge has to make.

By his own party and impeached

“I have to admit that there is a high degree of consensus was that I was prime minister, it would be, I think, is that there is a certain moment in time, no one doubted,” says Smith in the episode. The CD&V it was announced at the table it was to be a party to the European postal mail choose. “The body language of Smith, I could tell that what he said was not what he thought it was,” The Truth about it. “He is, by his own party and impeached by the prime minister, I have seen it happen.”

“What are we in politics, we see, and often exceeds the fiction,” said Van de Looverbosch on Tuesday about his new series. “They have to make it a real theater.” He has had the chance to work with a variety of stakeholders, to elaborate on an often not-so-distant past, but I also have the door slammed in his face, of various tenors. “Guy, We have refused flatly to work with,” he said. “Well, Patrick Janssens, Johan Vande Lanotte and Frank Vandenbroucke didn’t want to be a part in the episode and the socialists. Afterwards, I thought to myself: I haven’t missed it and they’re still going to regret it.”

Dedecker, in a series of chapters

those of you Who contributed, and to play a role in episodes of more than one party is Jean-Marie Dedecker. In the episode, around the Open VLD, he said that the voorzittersverkiezing 2004 in most cases. “There are three places in Flanders to vote for them,” says Dedecker. Bart Somers, it was just the chairman, with the 50,46% of the vote.

“That’s a Dedeckeriaanse statement, that’s nonsense,” says Somers in the series. “The mistake we may have made, is that we have to try to go back to a bridge Dedecker,” said the former president. “We had to absorb it, but the problem is, is that Dedecker does not have to absorb,” said Karel De Gucht.

The series is now in full view on the VRT NOW.

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