A sweet aroma of grilled meats, charcoal and spices. Every summer, barbecues are the perfect opportunity to share a moment with family or friends, enjoying skewers under the summer sun. To make this meal even more festive, Planet interviewed specialists in the field: the traditional butcher Maison Lascours, based in the Toulouse region. The opportunity for us to ask them to entrust us with 7 butcher’s secrets for a barbecue that will delight young and old! Discover them quickly in our slideshow below!

The Maison Lascours butcher’s shop specializes in maturation and exceptional meats, such as Genuine Kobe Beef from Japan, Black Pork from Bigorre, Beef from Galicia, Black Angus Beef T-bone (USA), as well as Tomahawk Ribs. “We are also very proud of our French meats, which represent 90% of our products. 90% of this meat also comes from the Occitanie region,” the craftsmen tell us. You can find their products on their website, which offers home delivery throughout France.

Before lighting the flames of the barbecue, you should choose your meat carefully. In this regard, Maison Lascours is formal: it is out of the question to put up barriers. “Poultry, beef, pork, veal or lamb, everything is cooked. Nature or marinated, on a skewer or raw, the barbecue is only limited by your imagination”, says the traditional butcher. For a meal that will suit everyone, do not hesitate to diversify your barbecue by grilling vegetables and offering raw vegetables at the table. Enjoy your lunch !