For nearly 7 years, Barbara Schulz and Arié Elmaleh have been spinning the perfect love. The two actors fell in love during the filming of the series The Mystery of the Lake, broadcast on TF1. The two actors also enjoy working together. They notably shared the poster for the TV movies Nadia, Drama on the high seas and Between two waters. They also shared the stage in the play La parruche.

If the two actors live a beautiful love story, they nevertheless made the choice to live separately. Guests on the show C to you in April 2018, the two lovebirds explain that this is a way to preserve their love. “There is a mathematical thing: if we see each other every day, all day, and in the evening, we meet … We experimented, at one point, we had nothing to say to each other”, said confided Arie Elmaleh. This lifestyle choice is also a way of protecting their children. The two lovebirds are at the head of a blended family. Barbara Shulz had two children from her relationship with businessman Romain Hatchuel. As for Arié Elmaleh, he had two children, born of his relationship with actress Virginie Ledoyen. The cohabitation between all this band would have been complicated.

On Instagram, Barbara Shulz and Arié Elmaleh, respectively followed by more than 34,600 and 21,600 subscribers, do not hesitate to display their complicity at the slightest opportunity. The couple notably made the buzz with a photo published on October 10, 2018 in which they appear half-naked. In this publication, the two actors announced their coming to Cap d’Agde to play their play La perruche.

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