New Banksy to Coronavirus – Banksy celebrates new super hero indoor Street-Art artist thanked with a picture of the health staff. It hangs in a British hospital.3 Kommentare3

Batman is in the trash can next to him in Spiderman squashed. The well-known super hero out. In the Corona-crisis, there are new Savior – in most cases, a Savior. On Banksy’s new image a child playing with a female super hero figure, in the hospital uniform. Because nurses are the hero of the hour. The “thank you” for your work has Banksy Southampton General Hospital to.

The hospital staff, he left a note: “Thank you for everything you do. I hope it makes the place a bit more cheerful, even if it is only black and white.” The artist refers to the colors of the image – the only colorful Element is the red cross on the clothing of the Nurse is.

“An emotional Moment”

Now, the one-square-meter image hanging in a frame in a hallway of the hospital. It was a really emotional Moment for the image to the thank you, said Paula Head, chief Executive of the University Hospitals Southampton, to the BBC. The employees of the hospital had lost friends and team members of the Coronavirus, so Head. It was an honor that Banksy would have chosen this hospital to thank them for the extraordinary services of the health staff. The picture will undoubtedly be the Moral and appreciated by all lift, as well as in the work of a Moment to pause in the hectic pace of everyday life.

“It is the heart,” says one of the employees warmed “to know that someone has done something for us.” A Nurse is happy that your profession will receive with this work is now appropriate recognition, and also as a role model: “So the children can look up to us.”

the image will be auctioned

the “Game Changer” – game turn – wrote Banksy to the new image, as he posted it on his Instagram channel. The Guardian reports that the image is to be made after the Lockdown to the Public. The BBC writes, the work will stay up in the autumn, in the hospital , then it will be auctioned. The proceeds will benefit the National Health Service (NHS).

It is already in Banksy’s second work for the Corona-crisis. A few weeks ago, he published a photo of the bathroom is painted with rats. “My wife hates it when I work from home,” he writes.

(Aleksandra Hiltmann)

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