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the recommendation to the fact are weeks. Months, maybe, but few. The glove it recently launched the vice-president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Luis de Guindos, and the sector is already ready to catch it. As shown, a button. is “There are certain incentives for mergers. What we will see in the next few months. Stock mergers are”, stated yesterday the c counselor delegate of Bankia, José Sevilla , after the presentation of the half year results of the entity.

Not in vain, he explained at the press conference on telematics that corporate operations are positive if they have a sense of financial and industrial: “We are favorable to the merger , because well-made create value. With types negative have even more sense. Despite this, I’m not going to comment on anything of possible mergers in Bankia because there is nothing on the table,” he pointed out.

After the insistence to questions from the media, Sevilla had to disprove that there were already some kind of agreement between Bankia and BBVA: “I’m Not going to talk about a merger with BBVA because there is nothing, neither above nor under the table” , he said, to settle a speculation very common, and he added that “in the current context I think that we see our relative position in the market and, on that basis, to the extent that options or not, we will make corresponding decisions”.

But the controversy did not stay only in the area of corporate operations. Another of the news of the morning also meant that the number two of Bankia had to take position on. After discovering that the ECB extends the veto to the payment of dividend until January 2021 , he explained that any decision on remuneration to the shareholders, will take the leadership once closed the year 2020, and when they have a clearer idea of the prospects for 2021.

In any case, Seville was quick to reveal that B ankia does not waive the payment of an extraordinary dividend with the capital that exceeds 12% of the capital of the highest quality, CET1 “fully loaded”, as reflected in its strategic plan. And it is more, even if you have doubts about the future recommendations of the ECB on the payment of dividend, supported that each entity may decide in function of their capital buffers, so that you trust that are paid to the shareholders in 2021.

The banker also ruled out that Bankia between in losses this year for several reasons: e l business typically bank is “resisting” , the write-downs in the second half of 2020 will be similar to those of the first six months and have already begun to notice a certain dynamism in mortgages, consumer and investment funds.

Bankia recorded a net profit of 142 million euros up to June, a 64 per cent lower than a year ago , due to the provisions of 310 million to cope with any contingencies as a consequence of the situation created by the coronavirus.

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