The free-of-charge current account of the seller of the Sparda-Bank Hessen in Frankfurt. The 15,000 current accounts opened by the cooperative Institute 2018. As the Board said while the balance-sheet template on Thursday morning, it remains at this zero cost offer for the customers. Currently, the Bank counts 296.356 current accounts, of which 8756 for young people.

Thorsten Winter

business editor and Internet coordinator of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z. Twitter

it has been said, is the Online channel for the majority of the access road number 1 to the Sparda-Bank. More than half of communicating, especially about the Smartphone with the Institute. The number of branches, currently 36, wants to shake of the Executive Board according to their own information. The customer used the branches in comparison to the past, only different. In the foreground is more than Advisory as the intention to withdraw money or make a Bank Transfer to be completed, the distribution Board of Directors Michael Weidmann said.

Sina is still to appear this year

Against this Background, the Sparda-Bank wants to expand its digital offering further, also in the communication with customers: with the Chatbot Sina. The acronym stands for “Sparda’s intelligent user assistant”. Employees tested currently, Sina, the answer to questions about the personnel management, so, for example, according to the number of vacation days or travel expense accounting.

Currently, the rate of correct answers spent about 70 percent, said CEO Markus Müller. At odds of more than 85 percent of Sina on the Homepage should be for the clients and ask about a checking account, a answer. The Bank’s plan this for later this year. “As our most innovative project in terms of digitization,” said Board of management Rüdiger Orth.