After the knife attack on a pregnant woman in a Bad kreuznacher clinic a preliminary autopsy result is available for the killed unborn child. Accordingly, it died due to an injury on the right leg and due to the high blood loss of the mother as a result of the attack, a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office of Bad Kreuznach announced on Wednesday.

Many other questions are still open. Furthermore, it is unclear whether the alleged perpetrator is the father of the unborn Child. The appropriate Test to take for a while, said the spokesman. A possible motive was not yet known. The alleged perpetrator “has not commented further”. The interrogation of the woman is ongoing.

The alleged perpetrator, a 25-year-old asylum-seeker from Afghanistan, who lived most recently in southern Hesse Biblis. He should have attacked last Saturday after a dispute with his pregnant partner with a knife. The Polish girl was seriously injured.