Back to the start of the Premier League – Liverpool’s unbridled flight title On Wednesday continues in England, the football season in Newcastle Fabian Schär also glad, because Liverpool FC can win the long-awaited championship title.Thomas Schifferle0 comment Mohamed Salah has is to take a significant share of the League title, the Liverpool hardly more.Photo:

On the famous Shankill Road in Belfast, there is the almost as famous Rex Bar, it is a abgelebtes Pub in the centre of the king’s loyal Northern Ireland. In a corner, a mummy, a Liverpool sits a scarf around the neck and in front of a message on the table: “I sit here until Liverpool win the championship.”

it was 30 years ago now that Liverpool FC has won its last championship title, it was the eleventh alone within 17 years. 30 years in which he won twice the Champions League, three FA Cup and four times the Ligacup, only to the title, it is not enough that counts for him more than anything else.

But now the Chance is so great as never to quench the longing and the legacy of Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush and co. to compete. Before Wednesday, the Premier League, with two supplementary games up and running again, it still lacks two victories – two wins in nine matches, if Manchester City as the last remaining tracker completed his entire program is flawless. The profit of the 19th century. Title club history is inevitable. “It is practically fix,” says Fabian Schär, Swiss national team player at Newcastle United.

“I sit here until Liverpool win the championship” – in the Rex Bar in Belfast.Photo: Tom Ship

82 of 87 points was won by Liverpool before the onset of the Corona-crisis, 25 points ahead of title holders Manchester City. In all these Figures, people tend to forget that it has lost none of the last six Games before the season break of four and in the Champions League and the FA Cup is eliminated. The are nothings on the way to the big salvation. Steven Gerrard says “The Athletic” a question once: “Jürgen Klopp is the best coach in the world.”

Gerrard is even what is referred to in the world of Anfield as an icon, 710 games he played in 2015 for the Reds, he was twelve years her Captain and won them the Champions League. In the meantime, he is in Scotland coach of the Glasgow Rangers. From Liverpool, the Club since his youth, he is still a Fan, and because he is, he says: “You should start working on a monument for Klopp.”

Klopp took over the team in October of 2015, at that time, she was 10, she was already far from the Top 4. In the first season they lost the finals in the Europa League and in the Ligacup and two years later, also in the Champions League. And the question that arose was: Can Klopp win a title?

You should start working on a monument for Jürgen Klopp.”

Steven Gerrard, a Liverpool icon

Today nobody asks any more, a year ago, the German charismatic, bringing to the city on the Mersey, with the Triumph in the Champions League, and now the title will follow in the Premier League. Only one thing will be different: It will no longer be 500’000 people to the streets of the city at the Parade your team’s floods, it no longer seems to be there because the mayor of the city has been banned due to Corona any celebrations.

From Newcastle Fabian Schär reports that the end of the season just because Liverpool is important. A crash would have been “extremely bitter,” he says, which would have him “done extremely sorry” for the Club, for the city, where eagerly awaiting the arrival of the title will waited. He also leaves no doubt that Liverpool this season has the best team. The Single-Player: “Outstanding. From the rear to the front there are top players that make the difference.” The tactics of the game, the Pressing: “all of This makes it extremely difficult to play against them.”

The economic pressure

the archipelago is not only due to Liverpool glad that it continues. He’s probably wondering how this is going to be in these big stadiums that will be empty, how everything runs and feels. And yet he says: “to play with a way, is better, than to delete everything. In the Bundesliga you can see that it works. There’s too much on the game.”

The economic pressure on the 20 Clubs in the Premier League is immense. Around 1.2 billion Swiss francs in revenue from TV and sponsorship, they would have lost, if the remaining 92 games would have been. Even so will be the loss of large, suffered by you due to Corona have. He is estimated to be 550 million.

Fabian Schär feels in Newcastle probably. Photo: Ben Spriggs

The players have dispensed with since the failure to pay and will do so until the end of the season. Union moderately they governed the way that it all the players of all the Clubs hits by the same percentage. The Schär says. And, he reports, as well as in Newcastle, the Club, locally, the health system and the people in need with food support.

The life is also in Newcastle at the moment without a special Flair. On Monday the individual shops are allowed to open again, the Restaurants and Pubs, which are so important for life in this city, are expected to remain until 4. July. Also on the training grounds of the United the canteen until today out of service. Even the dressing rooms are closed for reasons of hygiene. “We eat at home, we take a shower at home”, says Schär. Even as it was raining and the workout clothes were drenched, there was no exception.

The boredom is combated

archipelago complains about anything, he just told me from the boredom that sometimes attacked, as he could only sit at home, and alone fit to keep by he jogged on the street or on Video with a fitness coach worked. He has tried to make the Best out of the Situation. The result makes him say: “I feel very fit. I have mastered the well.”

until now, he has a season behind, which is run for him by grow, “and,” he says. In the fall he was hurt on the interior band, the new year, he started with a muscle injury on the thigh. This made it not easy for him to be the undisputed master player in the defence, he had been in the season before. He has already missed eleven games since the beginning of the year, he has played in the League, only 109 minutes. For him, this is over, this is also why he says: “I am delighted that it is now.”

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